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FAQs about Escape Room



What is an Escape Room?

Escape Room is a room full of puzzles, riddles and riddles. There is always a story prepared by game organizers. The main objective is to solve the final challenge and get out of the room early (usually 60min). the phenomenon of Escape Room in Spain is currently known as ESCAPISM.

Where does the idea come from?

The idea was born in Silicon Valley in 2006 where a group of friends prepared a live game whose object was to obtain a hidden object. Very quickly the idea migrated to Asia where there are thousands of Escape Rooms. The idea arrived in Europe in 2012.

What is the game about?

Objective of the game is to solve all riddles and puzzles reaching the final challenge. Solving the final challenge, players find a way out of the room and of course they succeed in the game. Puzzles can be of various levels (depends on which room players choose). Within them are puzzles, hidden objects, text and logic riddles.

What do I win playing?

The game is created based on Flow Theory (also called Optimal Theory). It is a mental state where everything flows. In this way development of perception and logic is optimized for I celebrate. This allows you to learn very efficiently, quickly during a game. Increases communication between people and trains brain to improve daily tasks.
And not need to mention the good time with friends 🙂

It's safe?

Yes – it is 100% safe. just have to use the brain without any physical effort. In some Escape Rooms there are elements of fear but they are not dangerous.
In addition, the game is controlled by technical equipment during all its time (video cameras + microphones). There is also an emergency button for any case.

How many people can a team have?

The Escape Rooms in Tarragona in most cases they are prepared for 5-6 people maximum. The minimum is 2 people.
As a curiosity, you can count the development of the Escape Room in China where I played for 6 months with a maximum of 100 people in a team.

What happens if a team member wants to leave the room?

In the event that a member is unwilling to play, they must press an emergency button and/or notify a member of the technical team who watches the game on camera. Other players can continue playing or it depends on severity – Escape Room staff can cancel the game and resume it another day.

Is there an offer for companies and schools?

Yes, in some Escape Room in Tarragona It is possible to organize games dedicated to companies to increase teamwork and understand the advantages and disadvantages of members. It is a very good offer for example for English Schools (in case Escape Room offers a challenge in this language) or secondary schools to increase the capacity of perception, logic using Flow Theory.