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What to do in Tarragona?

Noescape.es  No Escape Tarragona

Today there are many possibilities to have fun in Tarragona. Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, cinema, beach... But surely you feel that something is missing... something different. You're not alone…. everyone had this feeling. For this appeared in Europe in 2012 new form of entertainment called escapism. (Escape Room).


60min, a closed room, without physical effort where the object is to solve the final riddle and escape before time runs out. It seems odd? Yes... it is a relatively new thing on the market but today in 2016 we have more than 500 Escape Rooms in Spain. For now we can ensure a different distraction, a 100% positive and pleasant experience.
Over time Escape Rooms developed various forms of escapism gameplay. Horror Escape Room, Traditional Escape Room, Mechanical Escape Room (no locks), competition mode, corporate events.
No Escape Tarragona He went further preparing a room with a theme never seen in Spain with a perfect balance between Flow Theory, pleasure and intellectual development.
Still don't know what to do in Tarragona? Visit our Escape Room in the center of Tarragona and experience a unique experience!