CUANDO SE CIERRA UNA PUERTA, SE ABRE OTRA.  ¡Escapistas! Cómo ya sabéis, a nuestra querida sala MISSION MARS, en 2 semanas cierra sus puertas… Pero por varios motivos, y uno qué aún no habíamos desvelado es… ¡VIENE UNA NUEVA AVENTURA!  👉 Para esos valientes qué… Read More »🔊¡SORTEO!🔊

What to do in Tarragona?

Today there are many possibilities to have fun in Tarragona. Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, cinema, beach... But surely you feel that something is missing... something different. You're not alone…. everyone had this feeling. This is why a new form of entertainment called escapism appeared in Europe in 2012. (Escape Room). 60min, a room… Read More »What to do in Tarragona?

FAQs about Escape Room

Frequently Asked Questions What is an Escape Room? Escape Room is a room full of puzzles, riddles and riddles. There is always a story prepared by game organizers. The main objective is to solve the final challenge and get out of the room before time (normally 60min).… Read More »FAQs about Escape Room

Web Escape Room Tarragona

Our website is focused on Escapes Room. We are located in Tarragona where there is our "operation center". From here we will try to fulfill our mission of informing about the Escape Room phenomenon. Puzzles, solve puzzles, investigate, use logic – it is the essence of an Escape Room. The game consists of… Read More »Web Escape Room Tarragona