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Escape Room, a novel leisure activity ideal for testing your ingenuity while having fun with your partner, friends, family or co-workers., a novel leisure activity ideal for testing your ingenuity while having fun with your partner, friends, family or co-workers.

A unique and exciting experience! A unique and exciting experience!
One team, one room, one mission, and only 60 minutes!
Will you be able to escape in less than an hour?

Fun Escape Room in the capital of Tarragona.
Book and live the Room Escape experience in Tarragona!

- Unique experience! –

A fun and original Escape Room full of puzzles.

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– 2 Challenges available –

Nuclear Error & Misión Mars.

Escape Room Nuclear Error Tarragona


It's a perfect day. It's sunny, a little windy and not too hot. You decide to visit the Vandellós Reactor with your friends, which is fully operational. A guide tells sci-fi stories at each stop. Being able to see up close how “the electric monster” works is a real wonder.

Very few privileged have the opportunity to experience that feeling. But… Attention! Something will happen at your next stop at the control center. Find out what is going to happen and save the lives of your friends. You only have 60 minutes to get it.


Year 2028. The space agency NASA has 2 colonies established in the northern and southern hemisphere. It's been 2 months since we've lost connection with the base in the northern hemisphere. Currently our sensors show that the colony's life support systems are offline.

From the latest transmissions received, we know that they have found organic life on the surface. crew! Your mission will not be easy! You have to get to the red planet, find out what happened, send all the information to Earth and get to the rescue capsules. We estimate that the air is enough for only 60 minutes.

Good luck astronauts!

Escape Room Misión Mars Tarragona

Escape Room, is an active leisure mode in which a team must get out of a room by solving a series of puzzles, puzzles, enigmas in a limited period of time (60 minutes).

FAQS- ¿Qué es una Escape Room?

You need the help of your ingenuity, logic, observation, creativity, communication and teamwork to solve the challenge.

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