What is a Room Escape?

Escape Room is an active leisure mode in which a team must get out of a room by solving a series of puzzles, puzzles, enigmas in a limited period of time (60 minutes).

You need the help of your ingenuity, logic, observation, creativity, communication and teamwork to solve the challenge.
Room Escape se ha convertido en una actividad de ocio activo de moda en el mundo entero. Elige el reto Nuclear Error o Misión Mars y visita tu Escape Tarragona.


It is not necessary, it is more, It is forbidden ⛔. You will have to search, think, connect information and share it. Everything you need is inside the room.


It is an activity NOT recommended for children under 13 years old due to the difficulty of the enigmas. Children under 13 must always be accompanied by at least one adult in the group. It is a perfect activity to do as a family, spend time with friends and/or a partner.

In the case of a family getaway, children can attend without age limit. In our Escape Tarragona children up to 6 years old enter for free.


If there is a delay greater than 15 minutes or more with respect to the reserved time, the game can be started with a reduced time. In case the team does not show up, the fee will not be refundable.

We recommend that you come by public transport, on foot or with enough time to try to park.


👉 When you know that you are not going to be able to carry out the activity, contact us, as soon as possible, through our Mobile/WhatsApp 📲+34 630 775 061 |+34 645 594 013.

– If the cancellation occurs before 24 hours of the activity, you will be given the possibility to change it for another day and time.
– If the cancellation occurs 24 hours or less of the activity, a refund of 50% of the amount is made.

In case the team does not show up, the fee will not be refundable.


YES, contact us by phone at +34 630 775 061 | +34 645 594 013 and we will advise you on tailor-made events .

You can also make the reservation directly using our reservation system. 

CLICK HERE to choose the room.


Depending on the situation:

– If that person wants to give up the game, they must leave the room so that the rest of the team can continue the game.

– If the person leaving is indisposed, he must be accompanied by another person from the team who can take care of him, the rest of his teammates can continue playing.


– Objective

New way to spend time with a group of friends, different, active. The objective is to get out of a room full of riddles, clues and puzzles. There are 60 minutes to do it. It seems very simple, but it allows you to enter the world of live video games.

Choose your ESCAPE TARRAGONA room and enjoy the unforgettable experience.

– What is it about?

The rules are simple, there are teams with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6. There is no age limit. During the game the participants must show their ingenuity and logic. You have to solve many puzzles, find keys, codes, safes etc. to finally be able to leave the room.

The rooms are prepared in different scenarios. In case the team gets stuck at some point, the game administrator can help by giving some hints. Normally in each game you can ask for 3 clues. The admin team is monitoring the game for the duration of the session making sure there are no problems.

Players will also be able to ask to leave the room before 60'.

– The Escape Room Environment

The Escape Rooms are set in different eras. medieval, future, present. Most used stories: prison, crazy professor, ghost. All Escape Rooms have one thing in common: you have to use your brain to get out of the room (physical activity is not important).

The Rooms are designed in such a way that they do not cause claustrophobia, overwhelm or anxiety. It is the perfect game for all ages and different groups; as in family, co-workers, students...

– How was the idea born?

The Escape Room game was born in Silicon Valley in 2006 (a center where large computer companies are located). There the group of friends decided to create a live game to solve the puzzle within 60min.

Two years later the phenomenon of "escapism" dominated the Asian continent where since 2010 they organize large-scale escape games (reaching teams of 100 players and lasting up to 6 months)

In Europe the first Escape Rooms emerged in Budapest in 2010 thanks to the idea of ​​Atilla Gyurkovics. It has been based on the Flow Theory, developed by M. Csikszentmihalyi.

Now in Spain there are more than 400 Escape Rooms and there are more and more. Currently the gaming capital of "escapism" is Barcelona with more than 50 companies dedicated to this activity.

– Resume

This type of game is a novelty, which apparently will be present in part of our leisure time. 60 minutes of play fly by. Together with the Flow Theory the intellectual capacity increases in an interesting environment and different from our daily life.

👉 This kind of fun is for everyone.