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What is an Escape Room?


New form to pass some time with friends, family, coworkers. In avarage Escape game players are in the close room and have to use elements of the room to solve a puzzles, find keys, decode codes with final objective: escape within 60min. In this kind of games players can enjoy experience of videogame in real world.


Rules are simple. There are usually groups between 2 - 6 persons. There is no age limit. Due game players shoud be inteligent and logic. They need to decode codes, find clues, find keys and resolve puzzles in order to escape a room before their time go out. In case of problems with resolve some code, players can ask Game Master for some clue. Usually there is 3 clues to use due game. Administrators team are watching game thanks to video-camera system and they can help in case of any problems. Players can decide voluntary to leave room before final time.

Scenery in Escape Game

The puzzles in each room are different. Storys also are different in each Escape Room but there is few basics storys. For example: prison escape, ghost room, mad professor. Each Escape Room have one common caracteristic: players need only use their brain (there is no neccesary physical strength). Escape Rooms are designed in specific ways in which there is no claustrophobic sensation. It´s perfect game for friends, family and coworkers without age limit.

History of Escape Room

Room Escape game was born in 2006 in Silicon Valley. The group of friends decided to create a real world game to solve the final puzzle in 60min. Two years later the phenomenon of "escapism" domino Asia. There are organized escape games on large-scale since 2010 (reaching 100 persons and up to 6-month duration). In Europe first Escape Rooms were assembled in Budapest in 2010 by Atilla Gyurkovics idea. It was based on the Theory of Flow developed by M. Csikszentmihalyi. Now in Spain there are more than 400 Escape Room and every month there are more. Currently the capital of Escape Room is Barcelona with more than 80 dedicated companies.


This type of game is new but seems to enter in our program of entertainment for a long time. 60 minutes pasing fast. Alongside Flow Theory intellectual capacity increases in an interesting and different environment than our daily life. We are inviting all people to try this kind of game.